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Anyone who has had a 'flutter' on a horse race can easily understand how a whole community, industry and way-of-life has grown, throughout history, on breeding and racing thoroughbreds.

Even if you are the most fervent anti-gambler, you will still enjoy visiting the Australian Racing Museum in Melbourne. After all, racing is 'the sport of kings' and at the museum you have the colour and heritage of the Australian turf, without the horsy smells.

The Racing Museum is one of the winners among Melbourne museums because it's not glorifying anything except great athletes - human and equine - of a great sport. You can learn all about the achievements of racing's stars through time in the museum's hall of fame.

The hall opened with just five horse inductees - Bernborough, Carbine, Tulloch, Kingston Town and, of course, Phar Lap. It has grown to include almost 30 of the greatest thoroughbreds that ever galloped and cantered on the planet.

Naturally, the horses include lots of winners of the Melbourne Cup, which every year attracts interest from around the world to Melbourne, Australia.

The Melbourne Racing Museum has special exhibitions, events and tours to ensure many thousands of visitors a year get value from the programme.

Melbourne, Victoria, cemented its status as Australia's thoroughbred capital when it set up the museum. Now, it's a landmark on the Melbourne map and another part of life here, just like the Melbourne weather.

You must include a visit to this museum when you are on your museum-trek around Melbourne, Victoria.


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